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Hi! I'm the author of The Summer I Said Yes and Love Me in Shadows. I made this blog to talk about my favorite books. Thanks for stopping by :)

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Who is Emma Clair? What is this "eclairbooks" business?

So. I've decided to use a pen name.


I know it's a bit unusual to switch to a different name after you've published a book, but I think I've got a pretty good reason. I love the name Tess Harper. It is my name, after all, and I've always thought it was a good one. However, there is also a very famous actress named Tess Harper, and when I (and my friends) searched for my books in the B&N and iTunes stores, all of Tess' movies came before my books (which makes sense, since she's been in TV shows like Breaking Bad and movies like 12 Monkeys).


I'm going to go with a first name that starts with the letter E and the last name clair, because as someone who writes books with extra sprinkles and loves tastefully smutty novels, I think the name "eclair" fits :)


I'm sorry if this has caused any confusion. I'm going to leave the name "Tess Harper" on my books as a co-writer or editor for a while to help people looking for Tess find Emma Clair's books. However, this has been bothering me for a while and I think it's important to make the change now before I publish any more books.