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Hi! I'm the author of The Summer I Said Yes and Love Me in Shadows. I made this blog to talk about my favorite books. Thanks for stopping by :)

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A Week to be Wicked by Tessa Dare

A Week to Be Wicked - Tessa Dare

This book reminded me why I love historical romance. I don't recommend it to those looking for a very subdued, historically typical romance. However, if you want something fun, funny, and unique, then look no further!


This book has some of my all-time favorite tropes done to perfection. I LOVE stories about the rake and the spinster. I love these stories even more when the rake is likeable and the spinster actually seems intelligent. Tessa Dare goes one step further by giving the rake a very sympathetic reason for needing the companionship of a woman at night, and giving the heroine passion for a cause and genuine insight (and it's just great that this woman's passion is rocks). Minerva must carry a gigantic rock all the way to Scotland to share her findings with the Royal Geological Society, and decides that Colin should be her escort (she decides to ruin herself for science!) The two fake a relationship/elopement and take off on one of the funnest and funniest road romances I've ever read, and since I LOVE road romances, that means a lot


This book is so much fun. The banter between the hero and heroine had me laughing uncontrollably. The secondary characters were people I actually liked and enjoyed learning about. Just remembering this book puts a smile on my face :) In fact, it's been a while since I read it (I read it when it first came out), so I think I'm due for a re-read. 5/5 stars!